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What A Mortgage Loan Officer is Doing Behind The Scenes

What exactly is a mortgage loan officer?

A mortgage loan officer are not only representing the bank , credit union or other financial institution but also the individual who will be assisting you with throughout your loan process. Your mortgage loan officer will have knowledge of all lending products as well as the banking industry rules and regulations required for obtaining a loan.

How is Gracie Morrow Mortgage is right for you

Open communication is the key here at Gracie Morrow Mortgage and care deeply about helping our borrowers. Our team of experts are ready to assist with any and all questions. A good mortgage loan officer should provide plenty of options for you to consider and explain the reasons behind those options.

Gracie Morrow Mortgage will get you through the process start to finish in a timely manner. Not to mention working round the clock to get you the best rates and payment structure.

Mortgage loan officers responsibilities

Analizing financial data for all home buyers which includes paystubs, W2s, 1099s, Bank statements as well as other financial documents. You financial data also includes your debt. How much is paid out on a monthly basis. Depending on your situation it may also include any child support (considered for income or debt) and rent from other properties.

Assessing your requirements determining what type of mortgage fits your needs. There is no cookie cutter loan for every buyer. Gracie Morrow Mortgage Group knows that qualifying income can be tricky and go into great detail with you up front to pin point what works for you. Our mission is to get an approval and get you into your dream home.

Direct link to underwriting giving you communication with your bank, credit union or other financial institution to move forward as quickly as possible with your loan.

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