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What Makes Your Homebuying Experience Awesome

Purchasing a home for the first time often feels like a complicated and stressful process. With the right research and resources, you can make it all easier on yourself. From choosing a trustworthy lender like Gracie Morrow Mortgage Group to guide you through your process with ease and comfort.

What makes GMMG so trustworthy?

We pay attention to details such as the fees, lock-in periods, qualification requirements, and other important information that could make the loan less compatible with your needs. With all the experience behind us, it makes all the decision making even easier. Communication and being transparent is the key to a successful partnership through your process of purchasing your home.

How we like to empower our homebuyers

  • Be an informed buyer We go step by step and educate all of our homebuyers with the programs and options available.
  • Determine your home buying needs vs. wants. A need is a feature or parameter you MUST have and a want is something you DESIRE to have in your home. Example – If you are an empty nester, it’s possible you need to purchase a low-maintenance property.
  • What type of housing option best fits your need – Because our area has a wide choice of home options from custom estate homes, well-appointed condos, and townhomes to golf course properties, knowing what type of housing option best fits your needs and lifestyle will be very important.
  • Location, Location, Location – Think about the location of your home. Does your home need to be located near your office, a golf course or a particular school? What are your priorities about location?
  • New home or an Existing Home – Consider whether you prefer a new home to an existing home.

Now it’s House Hunting Time! Knowing your search parameters of a pre-qualified price range, wants/needs, type of home, new vs. existing and location, you are now ready to begin your Triangle home search. Together we will help you find your Raleigh area dream home. Once you have selected THE HOME and we have submitted your offer, we will utilize our superior negotiating skills to help you purchase your home for you.

Other Considerations

  • Coordinate a home inspection
  • Consider a home warranty
  • Compare and secure homeowners insurance
  • Arrange for a closing attorney who will make all the final preparations for closing.
  • Make moving plans. If you plan to use a moving company, contact us and we will help you make comparisons and reserve your time now.
  • Perform your final walk-thru
  • Final closing and settlement
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