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Should CPA's Have a Mortgage Advisor

Why would you need to have Gracie Morrow Mortgage Group's phone in your contacts?

  • If you're a CPA
  • Have clients that are interested in real estate
  • Need real estate advise

As a CPA you should always have GMMG at your finger tips guiding you and your clients through the the housing market. Even the best CPAs need assistance with financial decisions when it comes to buying a new home.

Most CPA’s and CPA firms throw their hands in the air when it comes to mortgages, rates and income qualifying rules. CPAs typically send their clients to the local bank or, if they are lucky, a trusted local, mortgage professional. Why? Well, CPAs can find it difficult to understand Underwriting guidelines and all the other options that are out there for clients to choose from. It can be a complicated process if you don't specialize in mortgages like Gracie Morrow Mortgage Group does.

Why work along side with GMMA?

  • Business coaching for mortgages
  • Working with GMMG can save you time and fees
  • Easy and quick to get average rates for clients
  • May also be able to get special rates due to the volume of business generated
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